Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's funny that thinking sometimes when were younger we have so many dreams, I mean we dream, dreams that we never think can't happen. Whats really funny about dreams is that when we get older we forget it's o.k to still have those dreams. sure what we do is change them to make them more to our liking and ability but we still have to remember we have them and it's ok to do what we can to make them happen.

I dream of writing a book and getting married of have a sweet townhouse or maybe a little house with pookie and more than anything else just being happy. Of staring my own design firm and going back to school of just being healthy..Dreams are like that like the sweetest candy the coldest drink or better yet the most magical kiss. They become real when we put in the magic needed to make them happen as only we can.

Monday, May 17, 2010


it's very funny to me the reaction that "straight people" have to a "Gay Relationship" their are all kinds of idea's that seem to come out to what a relationship is and what are the rules to one, however who makes these rules. I am tired of people saying church, or a "real relationship has to be one that can produce children. That alone will take sooo many couple's out of the equation. I wish I understood why we can't be happy for one another and just be glade that people have found the gift of love. Let's face it that's what love is a gift not a right and if u have been lucky to find it be blessed.