Monday, June 21, 2010

Past, present, future

When u think about life do u see it as a line of logic or do u see it as a stream like water that's ever changing, when u look at life what is strange is if we could find our stream would we change it if we could or do we look at the river or lake our stream has become as what we are suppose to be. Are we a mighty water fall or a trickling stream. Many people like to play that game of what would we do if we could change something and if we could what would we change and how would we choose what it would be. Let the river flow and let time be what ever it is, is what it is meant to be....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fear the mask of truth

Fear the four letter word that has more power than anything out their. I mean when we Say Fear it means's all theses different things and it Say's so much about us, however it's also misleading as hell...To say I have fear is hard to admit but it's also one of the aspect's I have that makes me the man I am. It shows I have streghten and courage yet, scared out of my mind. There is a line in a movie that Say's " have u ever had a secret you just couldn't tell anyone" do we not tell the secret because we don't want to or because were afraid of the reaction that will be given if we let down our guard and let people truly see us with out the mask we use in our every day life. Fear the mask we hide behind, Fear the secret we can't tell, Fear the truth, no bigger word can ever be used. Or ever shall be used in our life's.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was the 40Th Gay pride and this year I was able to walk in the parade with the NOH8 group with my pookie, it's funny I'm at an age were I like so many of us have seen the cival right fights that so many people had to go thought to get the Rights's that are theirs and by Rights's that's just what I mean Rights's. When we Take rights's away from people for what ever Small minded reason we think we have, we are showing the world that we hate and with hate in our hart how can we be the people we are meant to be. Right now the fight for Marriage is a right and what I mean by that is with so Many "Straight Marriage" failing what is Wrong with people who really and truly want to spend their life's together...How is that wrong, why is that bad, and the answer that people give of the bible is not an answer No one can yet tell me why allowing same sex marriage will hurt society..maybe soon people will just realize Love is Love no matter what. I'm Blessed to be with the most wonderful man in the world and I know he's wonderful because GoD sent him to me, so to all of u who say Gay's can be in real relationship's...well sorry for ya cause this is real baby so :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sometimes it seam's people don't understand the importance of maintaining friendships and the work that goes into them..We have friends who we use as sounding boards when we have issue's and when we have problem's there our date's out when we have no date to speak of yet we for get like any relationship they need time, they need love they need attention because when they don't have that how do u help them grow and become what ever there meant to be. Are friends the one's who we call to bitch to or are they the one's who are there when were falling apart...Are they their with smile's or only with tear's. mnay people believe friendship's are effortless the truth is with out effort there will be no reward.

Home vs. house

It's funny right now pookie and I may have a chance to rent a house and It's an interesting idea, we've been together for almost nine years and with that the life we have built together and what that means's to us. I was taught by my mother that when u 1st move into a new house u have to cook something in the kitchen. The reason how else to you turn a house into a home with out warming it's heart 1st.
It does not matter whether children are with in the home or not but whether it's heart is warm, so many people seem to believe that your "Home" needs to be perfect not a thing out of place but that being the case perfection is an illusion one that at time's we need to shatter to make the reality what it needs to be...near perfection and in many case's that's better than most.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Weather it's physical health or mental health gay men have to remember to take care of our self's, we in someways skate the world of the in between of both masculine and femine and based on that we have a responsibility to our self's and to others to always take care of our self's to the best of our power...we are the shaman's of the world and as such we need to be in charge of the spirt and the soul of the world as we see it to be..


The funny thing about confidence is finding the inner power to be strong and sure of your self. Mo matter what your going through no matter what's happening to you. Now the funny thing about being self confident is not being cocky,however how do you find the balance with in your self to be true to what you are and what u will be.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

plantet of the homo's

Some wonder were homo's come from ,are we grown born that way, or do we learn it, the answer we come from the Plant of the homo's it's a world called fabulous 1 in the galaxy of sparkle, we are located next to the plant de-po birth place of the lesbian,s, however what is wonderful about our worlds is you can love whom ever u want with no judgement to hurt no pain, no one taking your love as a weapon to use against u as a way to make u feel like less of a person. children are loved and cared for and whether they are gay,lesbians or humans they are never jugged and always loved....doesn't this sound like a dream world to bad we can't be on a world more like this....maybe we'll learn one day.