Friday, March 30, 2012

The Chapters of My story.

     It's funny the way life is, and what I mean by that is that is if u look at life as chapters of a book where are u in your story and what I mean is what chapter. Once u decided that then I think the next thing is what kind of book do u want your story to be and maybe at some point u have to decided why u want it to be that. I know life is at times not easy but I decided long ago to make it better than I can everyday.
     I look back sometimes on the life my beloved mother had and what Chapter she was in during her life and what that meant to her. I also wanted my mother to be happier than I felt she was and not feel the anger and the pain she seemed so often to feel and experience.  For that I would have moved heaven and earth to re-wright her story to have a better ending than it did.
    I learned something important during viewing theses story's as it were and that is I have to do what I can to make my happy ending myself and not worry about what the world wants. I know one lesson that I have taken from the world  and keep true to myself and that's to savor the moments I can to find the joy that's whistling on the wind and hold it to my heart so that I can see my smile and watch it dance on the wind of life.
     I know that the Chapter I'm in right now is an exciting chapter of my adventure one that I know I can't wait for because this is the most exciting chapter I've had in awhile.