Friday, April 8, 2016


       Being an adult is a journey not for the faint of heart, the problem is when we are young we can't wait to grow up, because we believe that life will be amazing, life will be fantastic, when in truth we don't realize that at times the innocence of youth allows us to live in a bubble. 
    While we grow we learn and we hopefully take advantage of moments as they come, so that we can learn. What I find interesting is that theses moments have more effect on us than I ever though..I a little over a year ago had a very bad time at work I was at my lowest point on the verge of loosing my lively hood and because of that left with two options, do I fight to gain back my self respect to gain back my good name to in a way gain back my honor? Or do I give up roll over and go on? 
    What I choose to do was fight to take control of what I could in regards to work and how I could handle myself and how I could handle my outlook on not allowing my emotions to get to me. I am finding now that in a very strange way I am shell shocked because while I have been having great success at work as of late I am still scared that the past will rear it's head and that I will fail. Now I know many people believe U get what u put out there and I will say I have a very strong desire to put nothing but the best out there, I feel that if i do not remember the past and learn from it I will be a failure and that I feel I ca not allow. I'm hoping now that by writing this I can get put piece's of this past to bed were it belongs.