Friday, April 30, 2010

Wiccan wondering

They say often that books are the key to knowledge. However if thats true why do so many de-value what the wiccan faith have to offer. I mean here is a written history that in many case's and many family's has been passed down for years, based on the fact it does not follow a christian believe, it's called (evil or hookey) I wonder why that it. When u look at a bible you see story's that are passed down from one to another and what is a prayer but a chant I mean what is the true difference..I wish that someone could exsplan that to me. should it not be more important to believe in a higher power, to be a person who has faith no matter what it is, why should it be sooooo important what shape that faith take's..

Blessed Be

Monday, April 5, 2010

38 and loving Sponge BoB

why when we get to be a ceartian age are we exspected to give up our toy's our joy our laughter, What's funny to me is that a few mounth's ago I started watching Sponge Bob and I have to say it's funny as hell, I have found a child like Joy that at time's I had thought I had lost, and it's so funny to me to know that I still have that power or better yet that gift still and to me it help's make my heart smile with a pure magical joy.


It's very Strange to me to work for a company sence 2005 and never get a good review no matter what u do no matter how hard u work..Theses company's out there are having trouble getting loyal employee's because they seem to do nothing but beat u down thinking thats a way to motavate you and push u forward to become who they think you should be.

What's very nice is the thing that I have a wonderful boyfriend/husband who is there to give me support and love and most of all understanding.

That's all I can say right now...