Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's funny the things life gives u or hands u depending on how u look at it. We have now been married for over a month and it's a truly Hilarious time for us right now, because we are learning more about each other as every day pass and to me that is amazing given that we have had the pleasure of being together now over a decade and a few years :). Now even though we are enjoying these moments what is bitter sweet to me is the fact that my sweet mom is not around to share these moments and let me tell her stories of what I'm going through and find out what her advice for crazy moments with Pookie would be. Sometimes I wish she was still on this plan of existence but then there are moments when I remember her suffering and what she went through and I know that her being the family Guardian angel is a better destiny for her.
I feel that the start of my marriage is the next chapter in the great journey we are meant to undertake. I know that as we move forward we see what parts are the next to fit together for us. The next part were we buy a house, were we have a child, were we continue to grow and make our own family as strong as we can. Pookie and I are blessed because we are surrounded by love and because of that we know we can and will do anything we need to do on our road to being one family. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forever and ever!

Spouse's for life.

July was a very surreal time for both me and My new Hubby (GOD I LOVE SAYING THAT) Because we were finally able to do something that so many seem to take for granted and that is to Marry each other.
We choice to united our lives even more to each other than before and  as deep as our connection is and has been to know that on another level and for a better word belong to each other legally means the bound is a bound of magic of the soul of light and dark a bound of space and a bound of time a bound that's eternal..
We as a couple made a decision  long ago that what we have is forever as long as we draw breath and that being the case there will be no escape. We were joined on the 28th of July and we have had these conversation about the fact that we love being able to call the other hubby (he also calls me wife :) ) but like with our relationship so far we try to approach everyday with humor and with love. What is funny is that I told him that sense putting a ring on his finger I find him even attractive and I seem to love him more, And he tells me everyday how much he loves me and how happy he is he married me. Feeling like this after being together over eleven years is amazing, I also know this being with this wonderful man means I am having the time of my life watching him get old :) I love calling him my old man it's magical.
Now what's really (can't think of a good word) about this picture Is that it means to me so much and it says so much with being so simple. I look at it and I can see the man who will hold my hand when it's time for me to go to heaven, or I see the hand I'm going to hold through the times he may have tears in his eye's or laughter in his heart. I see a photo that when we are ready we can add a child and more pet's, I see a tomorrow of anything our hearts desire. I see a support we will be there for each other no matter what and move heaven or earth to always do so. In this Photo I see My Husband forever and ever and for that I feel so blessed.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Are U ready for your Moment because we are!

        The subject of relationships and love and what have u seems now as always to be a hot bed of a conversation for anyone who wants to dip there toe into the pool of togetherness that we all on some level want to be a part of.  However what I find amusing is the fact that when it comes to this grand mystery we all call love the concept of both love and lust seem to become more confused that the workings of a computer.

       What I keep telling people is that lust is usually what the 1st couple of years are based on (anyone who says otherwise is telling a tall tale) I tell people who ask how Gary (pookie to the public) have been together as long as we have is the fact that while we still have our lusty moments the fact is we have based our relationship on fun and laughter and a common goal to build our life together and one day be a cross between burt and Ernie and the old men on the Muppet's.

      We like any couple had those first moments of fights and disagreements and the idea of if we could survive our own parts of our story that we were trying to fuse into one new book. However we decided that we didn't want to give up we wanted to be together and grow together. We learned how important it is to be there for each other and to make sure we stand behind the other when needed and by each others side otherwise.

     It's been told to me that I should write a book about relationships but why? what we know what we do is not a secret or magic (per say) it's love it's like but more than that it's life. It's our way of taking a moment everyday and making sure that the moment is one that can never be repeated because that is what a true moment is and knowing that we have learned to value that moment as a part of the story of us. I feel that so many people forget that and forget to live that moment what ever it may be.

    The other thing is no moment is perfect the fact is that it can't by nature be perfect at all times. However it's still a moment and because of that should be looked at and valued as a way to grow together and get to the next stage of what ever the story is meant to be.

  I know that I love my moments with pookie and what they mean for us as a couple and what we still learn about each other. I know after almost twelve years with this man and living these moments I have found the man who will one day be holding my hand when it's time for me to go to the next step of life or I will be there holding his and trying my best to make sure when he is ready to go I am what he sees. I hope and wish more people can one day find there other half but to do so I hope there at a point were there ready for what it means.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our love story is never ending

  It's funny to me what the perception of what being a couple is and what it means. I love listening to shows on the radio and watching Talk shows (which makes pookie laugh) however what I am so tired of is all these people who are together and or married yet seem to be in a battle of dominance to show who is the alpha dog, however what I have to wonder is why? I mean what happened to understanding and togetherness, what happen to making a life together as partners not as enemy's  I mean when does the fighting when do the battle's stop.
  To me it's very funny the reaction Pookie and I get in regards to how we are as a couple and how we treat each other many people make the "gaging" noise because they say were sappy and were sweet , but why is that wrong?  We are amused allot buy these reaction's however we know what were made of and what our relationship is built on.
   The thing is we know that it would take something as finally as death to keep us apart and even then there is no guarantee that it would. Relationships true partner ships there sooo not easy but when u do the work when U want it more than anything it's soooooo worth it hands down.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I know God Love's me and my Fabulousness

   The last few day's have been an interesting viewing of the human condition and the way people are in what they believe there views are and how they are sure that there views are the only views and there for everyone else must be wrong. The problem I see with this is how can everyone be wrong?
   I have seen people who refuse to hear what someone has to say and use the idea of God as a reason to spread anger and hate and I still don't understand why?
   For instance I grew up Catholic and there for had my experience with church and the rules and regulations of what is expected of me both as a Catholic and an young Latino, however during My journey through being a Catholic I had to add in being Gay to the mix and there for had to deal with the Negative way Gay's are looked at through the eye's of the Catholic church, which even though this is what the church says never made sense to me and My inner voice that knows I am a good person who believes in a higher power but has lost his faith in the church. I do realize that even though that is my feeling that's OK, because the church is a building that never brought me the peace and the hopefulness that it seems to bring so many.
    Now I understand that many people fine happiness with the church and that's fine to me, because it's there life and if that is there bliss then so be it. For me and Pookie we know were good with the man upstairs and we lead a happy life of both love and respect to one another and our life together. As far as I know that is the way it is suppose to go.
    God should not now or ever be used as a weapon of operation to anyone and to people who say they don't believe, who is anyone to judge them that is there believe. Does it seem strange that the concept of God is based in faith  yet that simple thing seems sooo beyond what people or what most people seem capable of. I know that no matter what when it's my time to go to heaven I have to answer to one person only and they are not hanging around here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The secret to being together so long

  As I'm coming down to leaving Florida and starting the next chapter of my story with pookie in California I'm looking so forward to being back in his arms and to hear his laughter and see the sparkle in his eye when I make him laugh or say something nerdy ( which he loves) .
  I love it when people ask me the "secret" to being together so long because I find it on some level to be a strange question given the fact that to us it seems so natural being together and making each other laugh and to love each other.  We don't see being together as something other that what it is, our life, But I think if I could some up anything about us is that we respect each other and love each other more than anything else. What also is true is the fact we see this as a moment in a life time of this adventure we enjoy having with one another.
  The last thing I can say is that loving pookie or better yet loving this amazing man after all these years is made easier because I don't forget to flirt with him and tell him how handsome and sexy he is and he always Tell's me even when I don't think so, but in our eye's were sexy porn star's who just happen to be funny. :) there now that is the secret to being together for so long.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A crack in the Fabulous

   It seems to me that people telling you that your being strong is suppose to be seen often as a good thing. It seems that it's a sign that you can "Handle" anything and people know you have it together. However do you really have it as together as everyone thinks or are you really good at hiding behind the wall of happiness you have constructed to make everyone feel better when there around you.
    Right now I am going through the journey of moving across country once more and I have tried so hard to keep my wall's up and make sure that at all times I appear put together and in control and what I find is that the control is at times more for the people surround me because it puts them more at ease thinking that the journey or the stress is not getting to me and that I have got this.
  The fact is when people are telling you that during these times it's because there keeping that wall up and the story going but the truth is they may not have it. they may be over whelmed, or maybe in serious need of a good cry or drink or just someone to say {hey it's OK}. I know right now I don't want to hear "how" strong I am or what have you because it's not something it's helpful to me, I know I would  rather have a joke or a hug or ASK me how it's going and be OK with the answer even if it's not an answer that makes you comfortable.
  I know my wall is still there and it's fabulous but I'm getting better with being OK with the fact that my wall sometimes crack because I know the crack does not make me less fabulous and does not make me less OK. The Crack just makes me, me and I am OK with that.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I've known you forever Haven't I

   It seems silly sometimes to think about the fact that I love a Man who makes me feel as if I've known him longer than I've known my self. What that means's is to remember what Life is or was with out that love is an unknown factor and it's something That I don't believe Can ever be put into true words.
   I make Pookie laugh at times because of the Love I have for romantic Movies and the stories that they tell but What I find very funny is the fact that Pookie thinks my reaction's to these movies is what tickles him the most and especially if I get teary they he's in stitch's. The fact is I know this but I still pretend to be miffed at him for laughing "truth is if he didn't laugh I would be so pissed"  I know that the love that people talk about or better yet the love that they dream about is something for some reason I have been blessed with and it's the strenuous most fantastic thing in the universe. Imagine if you will being under a magical spell but never wanting to be free of that magic. Imagine as a part of that spell you feel your very soul has mered with that of the other person so that on some lever were you Begin and end is no longer known.  I know very few things to be true But one thing is were Pookie and I are concerned we are of one heart, one Mind and one soul.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Don't know My story You Don't Know My Life.

 I find it funny That I at this stage in my life I am dealing with the issue of people not being OK with me being in a mood or having an issue that while they feel free to judge, however don't feel they can ask me how they could help or if I need something from them to help me through the time I am under going. What I have learn through this coming chapter that my life is writing right now is who I have truly let into my heart and the one's,I have have treated that as if I have given them a key to a secret club. People need to understand that My "behavior" unless it involves me slapping the hell out of u that it's not your concern. If My "behavior" is "snippy as some have said then ask your self If maybe I have a reason for it and Maybe I'm tired of doing your task and Mine. I Know this to be true, My Life is My Life and I have a good and happy life so your approval is neither desired nor required and who knows looks like your ass might just be a bit part after all.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hi Honey I'm Homo

   Right Now I'm in the process of packing up our home, and to me that's what the key word is the word Home because that is what we have had out here during our time in Florida. What I find amusing in a strange way is the concept of what home is and what home means's to not only myself but to people in general. 
    To me it may seem old fashion but one of the things I am most proud of is the fact that I have been able to make a home for my amazing Fiance and our little family because I feel that that is my privilege to do that. As I take apart our home I notice it is now changing it's self back into a house which is fine but I know that the heart of our home is missing at the moment because it's my half that brings the soul as together we light the fire of passion on what our home becomes. So now as our next chapter gets ready to start I know that the House Pookie finds for us will be one that I will have to take the the magic of our love to light it's heart and turn it into a home for us all. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Snuggle or not to Snuggle

Well it's time to start a new chapter in our story. Pookie started working for Marvel his dream job and so as a result we will be moving from Florida back to California and there are good things and sad things about that fact. Pookie and I talked about the fact that we are moving and the fact we can never look on the last two years as anything but a lesson in both togetherness and understanding. 
  The last two years Pookie and I have grown as a couple in ways I feel at times I can't find the words for but somehow have an understanding of. we have come to a point were we know and I say know that we will 1st of all marry each other and 2nd grow as old together because I love the idea of him being my grumpy old man. 
 Right now we are in different states as he starts working and I finish everything I need to do here so we can complete the move and send our kitties to him. What this is showing me is the sheer strangeness I feel from people when they ask me" If I'm happy to have time to my self" The answer is NO I mean why would I be given the fact that we love spending time together and have fun with one another.
  Now it's playing the waiting game to be back in each others arms and continue on with the writing of our love story. I know the time we spend apart is only a moment in the universe however to us it's an eternity that we want to speed through, given the fact that as long as we have know each other moments or better yet mere, seconds seems to last longer than we expect. I know this as we grow together we will just always love and live moments as an eternity and take it with laughter and joy.