Friday, June 7, 2013

Are U ready for your Moment because we are!

        The subject of relationships and love and what have u seems now as always to be a hot bed of a conversation for anyone who wants to dip there toe into the pool of togetherness that we all on some level want to be a part of.  However what I find amusing is the fact that when it comes to this grand mystery we all call love the concept of both love and lust seem to become more confused that the workings of a computer.

       What I keep telling people is that lust is usually what the 1st couple of years are based on (anyone who says otherwise is telling a tall tale) I tell people who ask how Gary (pookie to the public) have been together as long as we have is the fact that while we still have our lusty moments the fact is we have based our relationship on fun and laughter and a common goal to build our life together and one day be a cross between burt and Ernie and the old men on the Muppet's.

      We like any couple had those first moments of fights and disagreements and the idea of if we could survive our own parts of our story that we were trying to fuse into one new book. However we decided that we didn't want to give up we wanted to be together and grow together. We learned how important it is to be there for each other and to make sure we stand behind the other when needed and by each others side otherwise.

     It's been told to me that I should write a book about relationships but why? what we know what we do is not a secret or magic (per say) it's love it's like but more than that it's life. It's our way of taking a moment everyday and making sure that the moment is one that can never be repeated because that is what a true moment is and knowing that we have learned to value that moment as a part of the story of us. I feel that so many people forget that and forget to live that moment what ever it may be.

    The other thing is no moment is perfect the fact is that it can't by nature be perfect at all times. However it's still a moment and because of that should be looked at and valued as a way to grow together and get to the next stage of what ever the story is meant to be.

  I know that I love my moments with pookie and what they mean for us as a couple and what we still learn about each other. I know after almost twelve years with this man and living these moments I have found the man who will one day be holding my hand when it's time for me to go to the next step of life or I will be there holding his and trying my best to make sure when he is ready to go I am what he sees. I hope and wish more people can one day find there other half but to do so I hope there at a point were there ready for what it means.

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  1. <3 <3 <3 Love's beautiful, I'm so glad you've found bliss and balance together! xoxo C