Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forever and ever!

Spouse's for life.

July was a very surreal time for both me and My new Hubby (GOD I LOVE SAYING THAT) Because we were finally able to do something that so many seem to take for granted and that is to Marry each other.
We choice to united our lives even more to each other than before and  as deep as our connection is and has been to know that on another level and for a better word belong to each other legally means the bound is a bound of magic of the soul of light and dark a bound of space and a bound of time a bound that's eternal..
We as a couple made a decision  long ago that what we have is forever as long as we draw breath and that being the case there will be no escape. We were joined on the 28th of July and we have had these conversation about the fact that we love being able to call the other hubby (he also calls me wife :) ) but like with our relationship so far we try to approach everyday with humor and with love. What is funny is that I told him that sense putting a ring on his finger I find him even attractive and I seem to love him more, And he tells me everyday how much he loves me and how happy he is he married me. Feeling like this after being together over eleven years is amazing, I also know this being with this wonderful man means I am having the time of my life watching him get old :) I love calling him my old man it's magical.
Now what's really (can't think of a good word) about this picture Is that it means to me so much and it says so much with being so simple. I look at it and I can see the man who will hold my hand when it's time for me to go to heaven, or I see the hand I'm going to hold through the times he may have tears in his eye's or laughter in his heart. I see a photo that when we are ready we can add a child and more pet's, I see a tomorrow of anything our hearts desire. I see a support we will be there for each other no matter what and move heaven or earth to always do so. In this Photo I see My Husband forever and ever and for that I feel so blessed.

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