Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's funny the things life gives u or hands u depending on how u look at it. We have now been married for over a month and it's a truly Hilarious time for us right now, because we are learning more about each other as every day pass and to me that is amazing given that we have had the pleasure of being together now over a decade and a few years :). Now even though we are enjoying these moments what is bitter sweet to me is the fact that my sweet mom is not around to share these moments and let me tell her stories of what I'm going through and find out what her advice for crazy moments with Pookie would be. Sometimes I wish she was still on this plan of existence but then there are moments when I remember her suffering and what she went through and I know that her being the family Guardian angel is a better destiny for her.
I feel that the start of my marriage is the next chapter in the great journey we are meant to undertake. I know that as we move forward we see what parts are the next to fit together for us. The next part were we buy a house, were we have a child, were we continue to grow and make our own family as strong as we can. Pookie and I are blessed because we are surrounded by love and because of that we know we can and will do anything we need to do on our road to being one family. 

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  1. That's right honey, your mom sees everything and she'll find a way to guide you and comfort you when you need it, and I'll be there the rest of the time.