Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Married Life is freaking cool

    I find that I am having a huge fabulous time being married and to many that may seen weird or strange, however The togetherness and the Love I feel coming from this crazy man I have bounded my self to two and how I feel about him and the sheer magical feeling we experience while in each others company almost has no words.
  I find being married is hard work, imagine if u will working out or dieting, maybe studying for a test, what if u took all those things and put them together? If u did then u might start to understand the work that goes into being married. Were is it written that marriage is easy? were is it written that there will never be conflicts?
   I find that being married is an adventure I have never been so happy to undertake, what this is teaching me though is how to be the person I want to be with less stress and fear but with the the will and the happiness to know that our story is still growing and still writing it's self and were will be next is soooo exciting to see.