Friday, January 24, 2014

When is it time to stop the partying?

          I found my self driving today in west Hollywood and was noticing how during the day the luster of this  Town seems to have dulled it self during the day. What is interesting is that when I was younger and going through the process of coming out, West Hollywood to me seemed like this safe and in some respect magical place. A place to take the journey of discovery a place to learn what a young gay man should have learned when everyone else was learning how to date. I remember sneaking over to west Hollywood to watch and maybe to dance, to talk to a guy, I remember having my 1st real kiss and the song that was playing (total eclipse of the heart). Now what is so funny is that after many years, many nights of dancing Many hook ups. I know see West Hollywood with a different eye, I look at it with less luster and less shine. I see it as a place that at one time meant more to me than it does now, but like anything it is a place that needs to live and needs survive. I look now at being an older gay man who is married and has lived a life of lessons and at times a life of wonder/shock/laughter. I look now at west Hollywood as not a place for hook-ups but perhaps a place for a date night with my husband. A place were we can go to dinner maybe dance, peep some hot guys "wink" but go home more in love than before. I look now at being a husband as a time to maybe not party but be willing to have fun in different ways, maybe in ways to share the laughter and the joy and the wonder and the love with my husband. That is the best time we can have hands down.

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