Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keeping the Crazy in checked

          It's Funny to me the idea's we get in our heads and what those idea's mean. It's funny to me how all of the trials we can go through have more effect on us than we sometimes want to admit. Now that is nothing new because depending how you were brought up and what u learned you may or may not have the skills to cope with things that could and at times seem beyond your control. However when u stop and you think about that Control is at times nothing more than an illusion that we inflict on our self's because in truth we do not understand how our life is unfolding. I have learned that it's not a bad thing to seek out help in understanding the turmoil or better yet the uncertainty we feel. I find that at times speaking to someone with no emotional connection is great because the fear of judgment is not there and because that fear is not there the lines of communications are greater and more open. I have decided to speak to someone to help me understand the weight of the last  few years and what it all means with a little come clarity. I feel I am not someone who looks down on being willing to get help, but I do know that it is my job to put in the work and make sure I have the courage to take the journey and be OK with the out come.

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