Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's funny to me that we live in a world with so much anger and hate and even though all that is going on I have been lucky enough to have found the love of my life. Today is my pookie's birthday and what is so amazing to me is that I keep falling in love with him every day but what's even better is I really like him. I like him as a person as a man, yes he's silly to me but he makes me laugh allot..I feel thankful to him parents for having him and I thank god for making him....My pookie the love of my life The man who I love the person who I will love to grow old with..and more important the man who will be holding my hand when it's my time to go to heaven were I will wait for him till we can be together once more....I wish more people believed in the magic not only of love but of like because Like is the true magic we never see.
So today happy happy birthday to my beloved pookie I love ya with all my hart.

Love Juan P. Rosales (Carrillo) Jr

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

never giving up

I never understand the people who have been with someone for a short time and then break up over something like (we can't get along) what does that mean, it would seem to me that if you have made the choice or have the desire to be with someone you have to make the decision to be with that someone, to understand the someone to love that someone but the most important thing I can say is do u "LIKE" that person...i think that's the important question to ask..because when the passion that u believe has faded what's left, is this the person u want to go to a movie with hang out with watch a funny movie with ask those questions and see what your answer will be