Friday, November 13, 2015

Changing the chapter

  Over the last few months life has changed and become strange and exciting and frustrating and weird and what have u, some of the things we have done together is decide to loose weight and to buy a house "I mean we are home owners how the hell did that happen" The weight has been an issue for awhile and because we were both expanding together it seemed harder to see the true effect it was having on us. Now through all this I have found that I my self am changing or growing or whatever the hell happens to an old homo :) I decided when the weight loss became a goal I needed to deal with more than just the weight but also deal the why and I mean why I was heavy, why I used food as my drug of choice and were that comes from. Well The journey is one I am still on and the layers of my inner self that I am still discovering is soo for a better word odd, and when I say that what I mean is the fact that at 43 I am now looking at my self and looking at my life and what I have been through and trying to decided how much of this story will I allow to be the true markers of who or better yet what I am. I am now looking at the next chapter of my life and at what that means for me as a man as a husband and hopefully one day a parent. So here's to the next chapter and here's to making every word of the next part of the story count.