Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The secret to being together so long

  As I'm coming down to leaving Florida and starting the next chapter of my story with pookie in California I'm looking so forward to being back in his arms and to hear his laughter and see the sparkle in his eye when I make him laugh or say something nerdy ( which he loves) .
  I love it when people ask me the "secret" to being together so long because I find it on some level to be a strange question given the fact that to us it seems so natural being together and making each other laugh and to love each other.  We don't see being together as something other that what it is, our life, But I think if I could some up anything about us is that we respect each other and love each other more than anything else. What also is true is the fact we see this as a moment in a life time of this adventure we enjoy having with one another.
  The last thing I can say is that loving pookie or better yet loving this amazing man after all these years is made easier because I don't forget to flirt with him and tell him how handsome and sexy he is and he always Tell's me even when I don't think so, but in our eye's were sexy porn star's who just happen to be funny. :) there now that is the secret to being together for so long.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A crack in the Fabulous

   It seems to me that people telling you that your being strong is suppose to be seen often as a good thing. It seems that it's a sign that you can "Handle" anything and people know you have it together. However do you really have it as together as everyone thinks or are you really good at hiding behind the wall of happiness you have constructed to make everyone feel better when there around you.
    Right now I am going through the journey of moving across country once more and I have tried so hard to keep my wall's up and make sure that at all times I appear put together and in control and what I find is that the control is at times more for the people surround me because it puts them more at ease thinking that the journey or the stress is not getting to me and that I have got this.
  The fact is when people are telling you that during these times it's because there keeping that wall up and the story going but the truth is they may not have it. they may be over whelmed, or maybe in serious need of a good cry or drink or just someone to say {hey it's OK}. I know right now I don't want to hear "how" strong I am or what have you because it's not something it's helpful to me, I know I would  rather have a joke or a hug or ASK me how it's going and be OK with the answer even if it's not an answer that makes you comfortable.
  I know my wall is still there and it's fabulous but I'm getting better with being OK with the fact that my wall sometimes crack because I know the crack does not make me less fabulous and does not make me less OK. The Crack just makes me, me and I am OK with that.