Friday, March 7, 2014

The smoke of the afterlife.

Life and the journey we take is sometimes for a better word complex and at times can be full of both good and bad light. Now I know that a believe in the afterlife is seem by some to be far fetched and out of the realm of reality, but is that a bad thing? 1st is it wrong to have a healthy respect for the afterlife, is it wrong to believe that at times spirits or Ghost as it were will hang around to give u nothing more at times a "hug" or maybe be a protective veil of security. When My mother passed it was a horrific moment of lost and on some level confusion. Now were that comes in the confusion part is that to this day when I feel stressed or over whelmed I smell smoke, not the kind that starts a fire but the kind that reminds me that my mom is around, I know my sister feels it as well. Now is that something that makes me crazy, something that makes me weird? Maybe but it's also a gift a way to let me know that when it's my time to go I know she will be waiting for me for any of the members of her family that she watches out for to make sure that the journey that we take next will be a journey of togetherness all ways.

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