Monday, May 5, 2014

What makes us Finally get full.

   This Year I am using the work I'm doing on my teeth to be a jumping off point to work on my weight, To really work on my weight I have had to look at why and how I have in many ways kept my self heavy and how I have justified doing so. I have started working with a therapist and am learning that a huge factor with me is the fact that like any addict I would use food to alter my mood to make me feel better,and that would be when ever I'm happy,sad,'s always been my 1st impulse to find something tasty to chow down on. Now all these years later I have diabetes and high blood pressure, and I'm tired of it. I'm now to this age were I worry about my health about not being able to walk, of a heart attack, I know that at 42 I'm not indestructible and knowing that means that I have the option on if i am going to do something about my weight or not. I wish people understood that weight issues are not easy, that people with really bad ones have some demons that they might not know are there that need to be dealt with. I know that my journey is my journey and how I choose to take it is on me, not anyone Else's. I will have to see what happens next, and in a way I am very excited because I know that the story is not written yet.I just know that I don't want my weight to be a majority of my story, it would be better if it was just a foot note.

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