Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Forever after

       What is forever after and most importantly what does it mean, I mean truly mean. Sometimes it seems that people are so easy to let relationships go because things have gotten more complicated than they were willing to deal with. What I find interesting is were is it written that relationships are easy, but more than that were is it written that u should ever settle for less than the 100% BAM of what love is and could be.   
        Should being with someone ever be because it's convenient or should it ever be because one person is having a baby. When do we stand up and say I DESERVE THE BEST!! I mean why is that wrong.
With love with a relationship should we not have a foundation of friendship and should we not have a way to always work to stay connected. I mean come on people it's work don't fool your self and better yet, remember to talk to your partner and let them know what's in you and make them tell u what's in them.
         As we age and grow yes lord we are going to change, but never ever should we get to a point were we became complacent with one another, every day there should still be some kind of laughter and some kind of smiles, I mean why not, why should there ever be a reason not to tease and smile and laugh. your story as a couple is written as you go. It's only complete if u want it to be and the truth or better yet the fact is that the best love stories never end, because they go through out time.

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