Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mental Tune-up

 I find it funny, well funny might be the wrong word, the correct word may be miss informed. It seems to me the stigma that people have at the idea of speaking to a therapist is so wrong. Why is it that if our computers need "tune-up" or "car's" why should it be any different with our minds?
  I currently made the choice this year to see a therapist for a "tune-up" and the progress has helped me start to learn many things about myself, also to help me learn what my triggers our and were my motivations come from. I am learning that in many ways I have used food as a form of self medication, when ever life got to hard. This makes me no different then any addict I am now learning how to work with this.
  The Mind and the power of the brain is a wonder to behold and what I am also finding is that the effects of our childhood does still come to effect us as we get older, and it's not only the scars but it's the cause and effect of what ever we go threw. I'm learning buy talking with a therapist that even at my age I can still grow, I can still learn I can still be better and I know that now that I'm married now that I have even more reason to dream and hope, I want every thing life has for me. I am also learning that life owes me nothing but damn I want everything it has for me.

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