Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our love story is never ending

  It's funny to me what the perception of what being a couple is and what it means. I love listening to shows on the radio and watching Talk shows (which makes pookie laugh) however what I am so tired of is all these people who are together and or married yet seem to be in a battle of dominance to show who is the alpha dog, however what I have to wonder is why? I mean what happened to understanding and togetherness, what happen to making a life together as partners not as enemy's  I mean when does the fighting when do the battle's stop.
  To me it's very funny the reaction Pookie and I get in regards to how we are as a couple and how we treat each other many people make the "gaging" noise because they say were sappy and were sweet , but why is that wrong?  We are amused allot buy these reaction's however we know what were made of and what our relationship is built on.
   The thing is we know that it would take something as finally as death to keep us apart and even then there is no guarantee that it would. Relationships true partner ships there sooo not easy but when u do the work when U want it more than anything it's soooooo worth it hands down.

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