Thursday, March 14, 2013

I know God Love's me and my Fabulousness

   The last few day's have been an interesting viewing of the human condition and the way people are in what they believe there views are and how they are sure that there views are the only views and there for everyone else must be wrong. The problem I see with this is how can everyone be wrong?
   I have seen people who refuse to hear what someone has to say and use the idea of God as a reason to spread anger and hate and I still don't understand why?
   For instance I grew up Catholic and there for had my experience with church and the rules and regulations of what is expected of me both as a Catholic and an young Latino, however during My journey through being a Catholic I had to add in being Gay to the mix and there for had to deal with the Negative way Gay's are looked at through the eye's of the Catholic church, which even though this is what the church says never made sense to me and My inner voice that knows I am a good person who believes in a higher power but has lost his faith in the church. I do realize that even though that is my feeling that's OK, because the church is a building that never brought me the peace and the hopefulness that it seems to bring so many.
    Now I understand that many people fine happiness with the church and that's fine to me, because it's there life and if that is there bliss then so be it. For me and Pookie we know were good with the man upstairs and we lead a happy life of both love and respect to one another and our life together. As far as I know that is the way it is suppose to go.
    God should not now or ever be used as a weapon of operation to anyone and to people who say they don't believe, who is anyone to judge them that is there believe. Does it seem strange that the concept of God is based in faith  yet that simple thing seems sooo beyond what people or what most people seem capable of. I know that no matter what when it's my time to go to heaven I have to answer to one person only and they are not hanging around here.

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