Saturday, January 19, 2013

I've known you forever Haven't I

   It seems silly sometimes to think about the fact that I love a Man who makes me feel as if I've known him longer than I've known my self. What that means's is to remember what Life is or was with out that love is an unknown factor and it's something That I don't believe Can ever be put into true words.
   I make Pookie laugh at times because of the Love I have for romantic Movies and the stories that they tell but What I find very funny is the fact that Pookie thinks my reaction's to these movies is what tickles him the most and especially if I get teary they he's in stitch's. The fact is I know this but I still pretend to be miffed at him for laughing "truth is if he didn't laugh I would be so pissed"  I know that the love that people talk about or better yet the love that they dream about is something for some reason I have been blessed with and it's the strenuous most fantastic thing in the universe. Imagine if you will being under a magical spell but never wanting to be free of that magic. Imagine as a part of that spell you feel your very soul has mered with that of the other person so that on some lever were you Begin and end is no longer known.  I know very few things to be true But one thing is were Pookie and I are concerned we are of one heart, one Mind and one soul.

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