Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Don't know My story You Don't Know My Life.

 I find it funny That I at this stage in my life I am dealing with the issue of people not being OK with me being in a mood or having an issue that while they feel free to judge, however don't feel they can ask me how they could help or if I need something from them to help me through the time I am under going. What I have learn through this coming chapter that my life is writing right now is who I have truly let into my heart and the one's,I have have treated that as if I have given them a key to a secret club. People need to understand that My "behavior" unless it involves me slapping the hell out of u that it's not your concern. If My "behavior" is "snippy as some have said then ask your self If maybe I have a reason for it and Maybe I'm tired of doing your task and Mine. I Know this to be true, My Life is My Life and I have a good and happy life so your approval is neither desired nor required and who knows looks like your ass might just be a bit part after all.

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