Friday, January 4, 2013

The Snuggle or not to Snuggle

Well it's time to start a new chapter in our story. Pookie started working for Marvel his dream job and so as a result we will be moving from Florida back to California and there are good things and sad things about that fact. Pookie and I talked about the fact that we are moving and the fact we can never look on the last two years as anything but a lesson in both togetherness and understanding. 
  The last two years Pookie and I have grown as a couple in ways I feel at times I can't find the words for but somehow have an understanding of. we have come to a point were we know and I say know that we will 1st of all marry each other and 2nd grow as old together because I love the idea of him being my grumpy old man. 
 Right now we are in different states as he starts working and I finish everything I need to do here so we can complete the move and send our kitties to him. What this is showing me is the sheer strangeness I feel from people when they ask me" If I'm happy to have time to my self" The answer is NO I mean why would I be given the fact that we love spending time together and have fun with one another.
  Now it's playing the waiting game to be back in each others arms and continue on with the writing of our love story. I know the time we spend apart is only a moment in the universe however to us it's an eternity that we want to speed through, given the fact that as long as we have know each other moments or better yet mere, seconds seems to last longer than we expect. I know this as we grow together we will just always love and live moments as an eternity and take it with laughter and joy. 

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