Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was the 40Th Gay pride and this year I was able to walk in the parade with the NOH8 group with my pookie, it's funny I'm at an age were I like so many of us have seen the cival right fights that so many people had to go thought to get the Rights's that are theirs and by Rights's that's just what I mean Rights's. When we Take rights's away from people for what ever Small minded reason we think we have, we are showing the world that we hate and with hate in our hart how can we be the people we are meant to be. Right now the fight for Marriage is a right and what I mean by that is with so Many "Straight Marriage" failing what is Wrong with people who really and truly want to spend their life's together...How is that wrong, why is that bad, and the answer that people give of the bible is not an answer No one can yet tell me why allowing same sex marriage will hurt society..maybe soon people will just realize Love is Love no matter what. I'm Blessed to be with the most wonderful man in the world and I know he's wonderful because GoD sent him to me, so to all of u who say Gay's can be in real relationship's...well sorry for ya cause this is real baby so :P

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