Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fear the mask of truth

Fear the four letter word that has more power than anything out their. I mean when we Say Fear it means's all theses different things and it Say's so much about us, however it's also misleading as hell...To say I have fear is hard to admit but it's also one of the aspect's I have that makes me the man I am. It shows I have streghten and courage yet, scared out of my mind. There is a line in a movie that Say's " have u ever had a secret you just couldn't tell anyone" do we not tell the secret because we don't want to or because were afraid of the reaction that will be given if we let down our guard and let people truly see us with out the mask we use in our every day life. Fear the mask we hide behind, Fear the secret we can't tell, Fear the truth, no bigger word can ever be used. Or ever shall be used in our life's.

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