Monday, April 11, 2011

Time is like the taffy of our life

One thing I am noticing living here in Florida is I feel like My present and my past are one and the same. What I mean buy that is the fact that as my day goes on I can't help but wondering what's going on with both family and friends on the west coast..By that how are thing's in the past, while I am in the present, or better yet am I truly in the present while my mind is in the past.

I wish there was a book or someone you could talk to to help you understand the In's and the outs of for a better word starting a new life...also what no one can help you understand is with starting the new life do you have to leave the old completely behind or better yet were do you find the room for it. Also what are the rules or better yet are there rules that you need to live by.

I feel that in the present I am trying to find passion in my new life because I need to find understanding of what this new life is and what it means.

Time is neither friend nor foe I find but it is almost like a true lover who can gift you with a gentle kiss or a passionate embrace...Time is what we make of it and time is not written in what is to be, however time is what we make it to be and what it could be.

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