Friday, May 20, 2011

Dream, wish laugh never stop

It's funny to me at times the thing's I can hear people say when they think I'm not listening..if you ever want to learn about people listen to what they are truly saying at times. I always hear people complaining about what life "Owes them" vs. what they can do for them self's and for life.

I'm learning so much about my self with this move to the east coast vs. living on the west coast..I have learned that creating a new life for pookie and my self means being braver than I though possible, however I am also learning that I need to make sure before I get in to a point of complaining about life I realize Life is pretty good..

I have known people who have fought off cancer and have dealt with HIV people who find the smile's and the dreams that life still have to offer and never seem to see the shadow's life can have at time's...

Life is what we make of it, life is full of dreams that have yet to come true, so what we do in a moment with these dream's with these's wish's is in many ways a defining moment to who and what we will be.

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