Friday, July 29, 2011

Tag are you still it?

I have found latly that I have started looking at the difference at how friendships are now vs. how they were as kids. I almost find it sad in some ways that the innocens we had we no longer have and unfortunaly because of that it is hard to see the beauty and the magic in friendships and what they bring.
When were kids we see everyone we know as a friend and we call them such even though on some level we know that these people are in our life's for a briff moment however it's a moment we need so that we will go on to the next level of what our life is suppose to be. Moving to florida has been a learning exsperence for me and what I see for my self and how I see the making of friendships and what they mean to me and truly the new rules of what they mean now at an older age.
I however am Lucky because I do have the pleasuere of having true friends and know the deepness in it of having the kind of friends who will do goffy things with me and not feel silly about it. My best friend knows my crazy and she still loves me even though I know there are times when she tell's me (YOUE SUCH A BOY) That's fine in my book. I hope my friends know that the magic that friends bring is a spell that really and truly can never be undone and because of that distance is just a seperation of space never of hart the way it is truly meant to be.

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