Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you seen the sign

  •    It's strange to me me how we walk around never looking at what's in front of us or better yet waiting for the world to tell us what we should do or better yet to guide us in the direction we are meant to go in..Because if we do that it's mystic mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus and is that a bad thing?
  •    We recently adopted to small kitten's what was funny about it was we were looking for a puppy and even though we saw dog's that were beautiful and loving we did not see the one that spoke to us. However on our visit to the humane society we saw these two little kittens who were playing with each other and seemed to sparkle like shadows given life. Something strange did happen though I could not get them out of my mind and after finding out no one had looked at them because of the superstitious nature that many people have made me realize even more that they were meant to come home with us.
  •    What I found funny is the fact that I was a little worried if we were doing the right thing adopting both of them I kept seeing things that were twin related, almost as if the world the universe was saying "bring those baby's home".
  •    The other event that struck me was the fact that I got a body pillow and in theory it's great but it meant separating the bed between pookie and I and I could not figure out what this caused me issue's sleeping because I was not watching or listening to the sign's the truth is I like being able to hold him at night and feel his warmth maybe get a little kiss or cop a feel :) once I listen to what I was being told I understood what I needed to do. 
  •   Sign's are all around us and what the world wants us to know is all around us, however we have to listen we need to let go of our ego and listen which is truly one of the hardest things we as humans as people can ever do.

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