Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sugar and spice but i's still so nice

   It's funny to me sometimes when u learn things about yourself and what's strange is when u learn these things u then have to decided how your going to handle what ever life has started to trow at you. I have just learned that I am diabetic and what that has done is opened my eyes to the fact that I make the choice and the decision on how to take care of my self and what I am going to do with this knowledge.
    Instead of worrying I have decided to use this as a goal to better my self and make my self a better person...what I have learned that's really strange is the fact that I never realized how my out of control sugar made me nutty, and what I mean buy that is my mood's were so out of control at times..
    No more mood swings for me {lucky pookie}  and also I have lost weight but what's interesting about this is weight has always been an issue in my life growing up because I'm not a size 33 but that's fine that was a goal I let go years ago because I realized that for me that was not a healthy goal and I hated starving my self.
   My goal is not really weight loss because that's an effect that I see coming from what I'm doing, my goal is to be healthy and be able to do more and not have pain, I defy someone to say well ye I'm larger but I don't hurt the fact is you may not hurt know but u will hurt and if u wait to long it may be to late to do anything about it. Life is short but it's also a gift you only get once and there is no receipt for the return.
    I know this I may be turning 40 in march but I'm proud to know I can still learn, I'm proud I am not scared of change, and I'm proud and lucky that my pookie is so supportive because if he were not I do wonder if this journey would be one I could have been on at all.

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