Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Begining

  It's the Day before Turkey-day and I have a lot of memories going in my head right now, because last year at this time was when my world would start to change. Pookie got a huge opportunity to come to Florida and work in this field of 3-D animation and I felt I had to no that's the wrong word I wanted to stand behind him and give him this change to make this happen for him and for us. He's working to make us a life and make our family strong..Now what I have to do is find the courage in me to realize this is important and I can't be side because life is different. I have to know that life is change or better yet an adventure because if u don't keep playing the game what's the point?
   What I mean by that is I have to find my smile I have to find my joy and bring it to us as a couple and what we are building and have together.  I know things are not always rose's and rainbow's and that's OK because when they are there fabulous and when there not well that's OK because with us a deal is a deal and there is no escape...:)

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