Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's very funny to me how 2012 is a promise of untold potentale of dreams and promise yet to be. What I really don't understand is the complaining I am hearing on only the 3rd day of the year how horrible everything is, I mean when did people forget that life is what we make of it, This new years eve was my ten year anniversary with Pookie and what was so wonderful is the fact he used that as the time to ask me to marry him :() I mean wow I felt my head spin a bit but then I realized that it's a dream of a tomorrow I always wanted and it's now on its way to coming into being. We're looking at this year as a time of preparation a time to rally our strength and ability to afford what we want to do. I'm looking at this year to be fun to be adveterous to be mystical and magical as the year should be. I know that's the choice I'm making.

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