Wednesday, January 4, 2012


   It's funny to me how so many people look at forever as a bad thing as something to be afraid of and never strive to go towards but what I wonder is that a bad thing? we live right now in a world that seems to be soooo afraid of forever and what it means's, I mean we live in a world that when things get to hard u can just get out of it and say " hey it's irreconcilable difference" and be done but why why do we not have the strength to fight for what we believe in, and better yet if you are fighting why is it because u believe this is the person for u this is the person u love u like the person who makes u smile and giggle and u flirt and it's still fun.
 Forever is not a bad word, My beloved Grandparents were together for fifty years before my Grandfather passed, I find that soooo great because when I look at my pookie I see the man I met ten years ago and the man now and I laugh at this nerdyness his humor his wit but I smile at knowing his love for me is unlike anything I have ever known. Does it matter that were both men, nope it matters we want to keep building our life together  I will enjoy watching him get older because he as my pookie is truly fabulous and will be mine forever.

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