Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Symbol of Love

  Symbols of togetherness are an amazing thing when I think about them, it seems that in so many case's couple's on many levels have symbols of there bond, a bond that on so many levels that to the naked eye it would seem silly or strange however one thing I have learned over time is that a symbol is also a key.
  What I mean by that is a key to unlock the passion the fire the love, but more than that the trust. Over ten years ago one day walking in the mall pookie wanted to buy me a gift for my birthday and kept showing a choice between a dragon and a blue crystal cross and something told me to Pick the cross. What I found after that was it was a symbol of a foundation of trust we used as a bedrock to what we have grown into.
   I know that pookie has given me a gift to dream once more and I look to ever day to live this dream and to have us dance on a cloud if we wanted. As we grow we dream and as we dream we grow into a bedrock of what we will always be through time and space. Spouse's for life.

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