Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wounded Heart

  I'm finding it very interesting, lately so many people I work with seem to be sooo wounded and what's worse is the wounds seem to run sooo deep in so many way's. I find that these story's are all told to me all the time and I try to find the ability to always listen with out judgment and try when I hear the words in my mind to offer the advice I feel may be needed at that time. 
   So many people I come across need to just feel like someone is listening and what I find so interesting is the fact that it's such a small act to do for someone yet it can mean so much in the long run.
  I know the heart's and the soul's of these people will find healing and peace with time I feel like there is no other option to helping them find there way from the dark into the light. I do know this that act alone can require more strength than anything else known to man. 

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