Thursday, July 5, 2012

Being a grown up is soooo over rated

 Being together with pookie for all the time we have is sometimes a little surreal to me and what it means's to us at times. Pookie and I try all the time to make every moment count. I'm learning from listening to what other people say (or rather complane) about is that savoring every moment is something people forget to do and because of that they seem to treat each other in a way that says, "your the one who is ruining my life".
That to me seems like such a strange reaction to have to someone your suppose to love and respect, however that as well seems to be an issue in that respect seems to be something that so many people don't have in there relationships and I for one just don't understand why?
Pookie and I decided a long time ago that honesty will be a huge key to us being together and what we build together is supported by our work and our love. I know I have to and should be willing to support him any way I can in what ever way he needs and he does the same.
  More people then ever before seem to keep wondering what the secret is to being together so long and to tell the truth all I can tell them is that we love and respect each other and more important we make each other laugh. We make every moment count and we plan on doing that as long as we are on this plant together.

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