Sunday, October 21, 2012

So We're ruining marriage are we.

  It's been a little while sense I last wrote and In that time life as we say has gone on and gone on with no true sign of stopping at all. Which is how it should be it seems now over the last few weeks the beloved Fiance has been laid off from the company that brought us to Florida for the adventure  we have been on over the last two years.
  Now we are facing a new chapter to this life we have build and new chapter a new era if u will of what we will undertake and what we will do together as one unit as one family as we are. It's strange to me soooo much of what we hear and what we read says that "Gays" will destroy marriage will destroy life as we know it but how is that possible, given the fact that for instance Pookie and I have made that pledge to one another were we support and prop each other up through the darkness and hold each other's hands through the light. How are we not a Family in ever sense of the word.
  I know many things as I have gotten older and I know nothing as I have gotten older and for that I find my self grateful and yet humble as well. Because what this new chapter is truly teaching me is this is the time when I truly must have not only faith but truly believe in the bound that pookie and I have made over the years to be together though-out our ups and Downs and through better or worse. To me I know that the bound we have makes god very proud of us and all we do and I know it makes my beloved mother who is our guardian angel know what her son and the man who he has chosen to spend his life with are on the right tract. So I see how we are running marriage.

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