Sunday, June 14, 2015

The rules

          Lately once more I have been reading the rules and the expectations that people seem to put on one another in regards to relationships and how they expect to conduct themselves with in one. Something I find very strange is the fact that so many don't seem to be in it for love or even like they seem more into it for what they can get out of the other, and to as why that I don't understand at all. 
         I mean I am in a relationship with a man and because of that we have to in many ways make up the rules of how we not only want our life's to be but how we will work as a team, to build our self's and lives. Something I do find interesting is when I hear someone of the "other" team talk about sleeping with someone that they don't even really like, now I don't for a moment want it to seem that I have never hooked up however unlike with a man and a woman I don't have to worry about getting pregnant.
         Knowing this and knowing that this act will in a way bind u to someone else forever why not do everything u can to  not to let this happen. Also what is so important about the role's and as to whom does what? What  is strange to me is that so many put so much on this, the wife must take care of her man, the husband must wk 80 hours a week I mean says who? 
    Yes way back in the day things were done a certain way because that is what worked, because that is how it had to be. The fact is no longer the fact is You have to talk, you have to make the decisions together because when all is said and done it's the two of u and u have to be able to talk and laugh and cry and smile.
        I don't for one moment think I have all the answers I usually feel I have more questions than anything else, but the fact is I know I have to ask those questions I have to have those fights I have to be willing to get ugly with my hubby to come out the other side. I so often looked at the relationship between my mother and dad and so much of the hurt and the pain they had with one another and the strange moments of joy and humor, but what I'm not sure of is were the foundation of the relationship came from? I knew one thing before all else I wanted someone who not only loved me but respected me and I them that is the true key we believe that with anything it's work however the fact is we believe the work is important and it's something we don't mind doing. 


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