Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Diabetes Sucks

        OK let's just face it Diabetes sucks, however what's worse is that because of this illness if your heavy then people assume that you have only your self to blame and never for one moment think that this is something that has passed down with in your family.
 Now does this mean that if your heavy u have no responsibility for your health and for taking care of your self, the answer is no, it does not, what it does mean is that You must know about what your body is doing and why it's doing what it's doing. 
The other thing no one really helps u understand is all of the issue's that come with this illness from the need to take extra care of your feet to extra care of your eye's, also the fact that if your male and u enjoy sex, well Mr happy may not want to cooperate with you if your sugar level is two crazy. 
I mean come on if you know u have this illness do your research and realize that your life is no longer what it was, u have to make this a life event, you have to make it apart of you and not fight it because what is the point of that? 
What's the point of not wanting to make your legs work and move, as I am getting older now I am finding that at times my body feels like it just wants to sit and I know that that's a terrible idea because I start to hurt and I hate the feeling, so I get up I take what ever I need to, to keep moving and go to the gym and swim or I clean or walk I make my self live. 
I hope the next time someone knows someone with diabetes they realize this is no joke, this is not because of sugar this is not just carb's it's the whole thing. Hopeful people will say, hey let's move our butt's because I don't know about u but I'm not ready to just sit down yet.Life is not bad and I want to see some more of what it has to offer.


  1. My aunt has diabetes. Indeed, it sucks. Her life is a total disaster. Unfortunately, she is too lazy to take up some sport and lose weight. Nice post!
    David J Salmon


  2. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..