Monday, December 1, 2014

Carrillo's Christmas or how the homo tree saved Christmas

          The funny thing is the older I get I realize that the concept of Christmas and what we want it to be is up to us and I remember more and more when I was a kid sitting by our Christmas tree and flying my land speeder through the Christmas tree and driving my mom nuts because if I made one of her Christmas ball's clink she was ready to strangle me and I always found it funny, so I would tell her...yes mom I'm not doing anything, of course I would wait and do it again, hee hee hee hee.
            To me when I think about Christmas as a kid that's what I think of. Cut to years in the future and the Christmas's that My sweet pookie and I have had as a couple and how they went.  
             Last year was my 1st Christmas as a married man and my 1st Christmas back in California after living in Florida for two years, What was odd was the for better word pressure I put on my self and my new hubby because it was our 1st Christmas being married and in my mind I had built up some strange image of what I thought that would mean, how people would react and for a better word maybe the glow that would come forth from me because of this new identity I had the privilege to take.
                Expectations I find are a great way to set your self up for disappointment because the build up is never what u think it should be..This year I have decided with My hubby to make this Christmas what WE want it to be with the traditions we choose to have and make, realizing that we have reached the point in our life's that to depend  on either family to make our holiday is ridiculous, we need to use what the family's offer as frosting never the filler of the cake of what Christmas is and could be.  I know that our traditions of setting up our tree and finding crazy Christmas ornaments and setting up the stocking and lights, that's ours to enjoy and do. Our tradition of how we buy gifts and share them it's up to us. I know Christmas will never have the magic it had when I was a kid and my mom would take the time to make it special, However I know that the magic now it maybe different because my mom is in heaven, but I know that ever time we set up our lights and tree we are doing honor  to mom, to the Christmas spell she would weave,  but I know that mom leaves a little of her magic with us every time we light those lights. So here is to Christmas the Christmas of the Carrillo's and the family and traditions we are making together.


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