Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Mystery of the boxes

This moving experience is by far not an easy adventure to undertake no matter who you are what what resource's you have at your disposal...Moving is taking your life and taking stock of it before re staring that life in a different destination.

It seems that we can be bogged down in what we believe are memories and what have you, but the truth of the matter is what in some case's are these so called memories attached to that we find them sooo important at the time.

What I find difficult in this part of our adventure is that fact that I am facing these memories alone and in many case's having to make the decision or choice on what's worth taking Vs. what is not.

Some would say that "that's easy just let go" but the fact is that when faced it a moment how do you let it go, and just because the physical part of the moment is let go do we truly loose that moment all together.

I know this move will be a glorious adventure for us with a glorious outcome on the other end, but I so wish we could have done this differently.

I will say this even at thirty eight it's nice to know I can still grow and I can still learn about my self..knowing that I'm stronger than I believed is a nice feeling and helps me know I am truly a better and stronger partner for pookie than I even knew I was before...

Learning and growing it seems never stops no matter the age and that's a good thing...

The saying is you can't teach an old dog new tricks but I guess in my case as long as the dog is fabulous we can still learn...

The day's are counting down and the boxes are getting packed so we need to keep going no matter what cause turning back is not an option and that's o.k with me.

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