Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Never To Old to Grow

I have found over the Last few weeks I'm looking at my self in a truly different way, I'm looking at what makes me a person, what makes me a man, what makes me for not another word me.

I am looking at how to let negativity go and to learn to savor moments for what they are and not worry about what they should be. I find sometimes people worry way to much about what moments should be and just don't except them.

Today I had the pleasure to spend this Sunday with my best friend in the whole world, my La Mari, we did breakfast, we did a movie we did Costco and took a walk at an orange grove.

Spending time with my friend let's me relax and enjoy the day and always it helps me realize the day is not my right but a gift I was given by God...I have come to realize more and more lately there is a higher power that is directing me a little more than ever before with my life.

the biggest difference I see from now from when I was younger is the fact I am ready to listen and be thankful for what is happening in my and pookie's life.

I feel at thirty eight I can and should see life not as a challenge but as a glorious adventure I am able to go on with true love in my pocket and amazing friends at my back with loving family waiting in the wings....

I wonder sometimes why did I finally hear what needed to happen, why was I know Strong enough or humble enough to listen to my little bird...My answer I don't know but I am blessed that I finally have.

From climbing a tree to moving across the country I know that I can't let fear rule my life, because If I do then it stops being life....The fact is however long we are allowed to be on this plant in this world, we need to live every moment and never take that for granted, because I know there are people out there who would trade place's with any of us in a moment..

The Saying is we don't stop playing cause we grow old/ we grow old because we stop playing..I for one will play for as long as I can..

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