Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Fag Hag is hard to find.

It's funny to me to see the reaction Mari and I get from our men...we seem many times to get the look of confusion or a look of ammmmm o.k sure what ever you guys want to do.

What I find funny with My friendship with mari is the fact that together we don't need to do anything big to have a good time..last weekend we went to Costco for a couple of hours and had a blast..I mean who does that, answer we do..

It's to bad more people don't have that kind of friendship or closeness with someone now a days it always seems that people are so busy and wrapped up in them self's that they forget to keep friendships going.

Relationships take work so why do some many people think there easy, because there not, I mean do mari and I always agree, answer no not by a long shot but we do know enough to be honest and talk it out..why because were friends...

La Mari may not be going with me to Florida in person however what she does not know is she will be there is spirt and with her fabulousness...I will have my La Mari Hot line and she has a place to vacation when ever she wants..(she can bring the husband if she has to )

A good fag hag is hard to find so I thank the lord I found the best in Mrs...La Mari {fag Hag} flores-Garcia..

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