Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does the outside match the inside..

I have had many conversations ,resonantly with friends like my self who are older about what it feels like to be older and if we do feel a difference.

When your young it seems you cant wait to grow up, to drive to have so called freedom. What I have to wonder is if we are ever as free as we are when we are children...

When you have that new wonder of like, as you learn and experience things for the 1st time, why is it we don't have the insight to know what we are going through is the magic of a new moment, a moment we will never see through new eyes again.

Sometimes I wish I could tell the younger me to lighten up a little and enjoy life the good and the bad, and that's another thing I am not 100% sure of and that is why we seem to believe life is suppose to be perfect at all times..I mean if it was would we learn what we are suppose to from what ever journey we are on.

When I was younger I loved aspects of my child hood with a vengeance..I mean I loved turning my G.I Joe's in to superheroes, making up stories of what there adventures are and will be..I learned you to love the word and the magic of fantasy and it's ability to take you to wear ever you want to go....

Being with pookie is interesting at times because he is younger, yet act's older than I do, but when I say that is it that he acts older I like a big child or better yet he acts just like he's suppose to and would be the same no matter what age he may be?

I say instead of the complaining many people do about everything, why not enjoy iife and what you have, not whine about what you don't...take a nap take a walk holding the hand of your lover, eat with no spoons, feel as young as you can with out the so called rules..remember we don't stop playing cause we grow old, we grow old cause we stop playing...

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