Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shadows That go bump

It's strange to me how bed time means sooo many different things depending on who you ask..to mom's it's there chance for rest cause the kids are down...to kids it's there last minuet chance for a drink of water or potty break...to some it means time for sex, to others it's there only moment were they can talk to their loved ones about how there day may be.

I find bed time right now a time of frustration, frustration in the fact that I do not like being alone and fined being alone with my own thoughts to this level not a thing of comfort but in many case's a hindrance.

I find brief moments were I do embrace sleep but sleep does not embrace me and will not let me stay with in her embrace...Missing pookie is making is an issue for us both, because neither of us can sleep and we both at this moment find we sleep in shifts with our phone's with in reach to be able to hear from there other at a moment's notice...

I know soon Pookie and I will be reunited and sleep with be the third in our bed and I for one can not wait for this is the only way to have a threesome were no one will get jealous at all.

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