Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Do You Know

When you watch a movie or read a book there is always a magic moment between the love interest that is the 1st sign that something amazing is going to happen, something magical if you will, however is this moment real is it something you can hold, taste smell maybe feel?

I had to wonder that for many years, because like most of us whether or not that was real and if I would ever have that magic moment when the lighting would strike.

Nine years ago I had that moment with this amazing man of mine, on a phone call talking threw a new years in 2001 this amazing man let me know that I meant a lot to him, he thanked me for not letting him spend another year alone, but what was interesting to me is this man shared a better gift with me one even he never saw coming and that was a future a future I never knew was possible at that time.

Nine Years ago this man became the love of my life, but not just that regular love, that love you read about, maybe dream about but are never really sure could happen....

What I never knew was that buy loving this man and being loved by him in return, I would started on an adventure i never knew was possible for me, one that involves laughter, tears, smiles and dreams...of things yet to be.

I write about this amazing man, this magical man in words when at times words are never enough to let this man know how amazing I truly believe he is..

This man the love of my life is the magical lighting I always read about and I know that I have been blessed to be struck in the soul to the very core of my being by the magical lighting of love a love that threw life, threw death, threw time and threw space will be a love that will last for all time......

So to you My Love, My Hart, my life, My Pookie I say thank you for this journey we are on together, because baby we are and will always be a team that let's not challenge stand in it's way.....

Happy anniversary ....The next 90 years are going to be a blast!!!

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