Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's real romance what's real Love.

It's funny the "adventure pookie" and I are under going right now, funny in the way that we feel in many ways were closer than ever before...we feel connected we feel loved but most importantly we feel like we missed each other more than we ever thought we could or would.

What's strange is at time's people see a relationships between two men as something that only has to do with sex, that can't be about love or passion, the fact is pookie and I have found a bound that let's us share moments like cracks of time, that will forever be ours and no one Else's.

We fantasise about holding one another, about kissing one another, but more than anything else walking with one another sharing moments...

Pookie's birthday in 2010 was a great and funny time, because for the 1st time we had a "grown" up day, what I mean by that is we took a day trip to San Diego for pookie's birthday, we walked around Old Town, we walked around North beach, we saw a snookie look alike, as well as a huge drunk dog in front of a bar.

what I mean is we made memories, and shared moments, we had smiles and we held hands...being together means loving outside of the bedroom as well as in it, and that being the case Knowing that I have been blessed to have a man who thinks about being with me 40 years from now, means I'm doing something right.

Do I think about money, jewels cars, no not like that, I think about silly things that sparkle and make me laugh but more than anything else I think about this man who likes watching crappy TV with me, sharing spot and making fun of me as I deal with my cafe or Farm, the MAN who even when I just hear a joke and still tell it wrong will laugh his head off cause he liked the fact I tried....

What do I have, love, the movie Love the book love, the song love, but more than anything else I just have the Love and not one thing could I ask for more than that.....

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  1. I love your entries. I feel like I know you guys so well. You are so lucky to have that with him, the Making memories are what really counts.