Monday, December 20, 2010

Let your man be a Man

What I find interesting working retail is the fact I can see some wonderful things in people but I also see some of the worse, now one of the things I feel really fall's in this category is the fact that I see soooooo many women who bad mouth there men, just beat them down in a way that I wonder why, why are these people together??

Many time's you can watch TV or read a magazine and all you hear is how men are dogs men are pig's blah blah blah, now yes Men are not perfect but neither are women, why people don't understand that is a very strange fact..People in general who come together always seem to believe that becoming a couple is sugar and spice and every thing nice, why don't people believe that a relationship is worth working for..why don't we believe that finding the magic to stay together is worth it.

As a Gay man people always seem to think that two guys would be so much easier than a straight couple, however that's not it Gay or Straight it takes work and time...

I have Learned being with this wonderful man of mine that no matter what, I have to allow him to be just that" MY MAN", I don't try to change him to make him something he's not nor could be, based on the fact that I just plan like him as he is. I find my self in aw of this man of mine and who is becoming which to me is pure fabulousness.

Let your man be that, let him spoil you if he wants, take care of you if he can, but remember it's a two way street, if you want to have a man who treats you like royalty remember you need to take care of your man as well. Respect, love, Like is a two way street, hopeful more people learn to drive a straight line...

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