Thursday, December 16, 2010

Never ending Story

Do true love stories really ever have an ending, I mean think of the classic love stories of our time, do they stand up to the world no matter when there told?? See like most of us I to always wanted to be in love and I to imagined it would be so magical exciting...That was the illusion of what I thought Love was...what I learned nine years ago is what love is, someone who things about you before them selves or even on days when you feel your worse seem to still find you beautiful and breathtaking.

When all these couple are breaking up, giving up, I always have to wonder, why, why are they giving up, what is it that happen in there life to turn the love to sour people even have that power that drive anymore knowing that they can get out if it gets to hard..I wonder about that.

Very early in our relationship pookie and I took that option off the table, there was no giving up if "things got hard" why did we do that because we knew we wanted to be together no matter what, we just knew we needed to make those rules our self and not worry about what the outside world thinks..

Imagine if you will taking the time to really look at the partner and see more that "sex" more that physical, see them for who they are..One thing I find very funny is seeing this man who I have the pleasure to love growing older and becoming so wiser, becoming a man who is my man. I love his sarcastic humor even when I scold him I find I can't stay mad long and that's fine..

I feel our love story still has sooo many more chapters to write and I know that the day one of us is ready to cross into the next world the other will be holding there hand and making them laugh,so that with a smile and a giggle into the next life we can use that to comfort ourselves until the other joins them.....

Do I think i have a romantic Story with my pookie...well yes of course I do but how can I not being lucking enough to be with my best friend after all Love/Like as far as I'm concerned go hand in hand.......

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